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5 Tips to be the Best Home Barista

Fall is in the air which means it's time to curl up by the fire and enjoy a warm beverage. Instead of bracing the crisp air for another salted caramel or pumpkin spice latte, jazz up your coffee at home with these useful tips.

We spoke with Alex from Bean to Seattle who shared his tips on how to create the best coffee without leaving home. Visit his website to keep up on his coffee thoughts, reviews, and experiences.


Avoid Bitter Coffee
Once your coffee is done, add a small pinch of salt to your cup and stir before sipping. The salt acts as a flavor receptor for the coffee, which helps mask the bitter flavors.

Stale Coffee
Store it like a spice; keep it cool, dry, and away from light to preserve aromatics. Once it is roasted, coffee begins “degassing” Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the air, which slows the absorption of oxygen. A harsh storage condition will expedite that process, and coffee will begin to smell and taste flatter and almost “muted.”

Boring Taste
How do I kick it up? Water composes 98% of brewed coffee, and a tasty brew begins with tasty water. If your tap water tastes “off,” find and use bottled spring water like Poland Springs or Crystal Geyser.

Taste Sweeter Without Sugar
Depending on its origin, coffee can taste more or less sweet by the acids developed during growth. A high-acid coffee from Kenya or Ethiopia coffee is more likely to taste sweet and fruity, whereas a low-coffee acid from Sulawesi or Sumatra might tend towards earthy and spicy.
Similar to the concept of salt cutting bitterness, cinnamon gives coffee a bit of sweetness and warmth. You can try adding it to the grounds before brewing or add a pinch to your cup post-brew.

Reheating Coffee
The best (and also most delicate!) flavor compounds extract when the coffee is first brewed, and reheating can cause them to taste burnt. You can use the leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes for iced coffee; they won’t dilute your drink like regular ice does.



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