Chooka Waterproof and Fashionable Women's Rain Boots

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Chooka makes premium footwear designed by women, for women.

No one wants a rainy day to ruin an outfit - we know we don’t!  Developed and tested in the Pacific Northwest with fashion, utility, and comfort in mind, Chooka merges personality with functionality so you can get things done in style.

We love the bold, creative, empowered #chYOUka women and wearers and the variety of places their shoes take them.  From city strolling, to brunch, to nailing an interview, we adore following along as she shows off her style.

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From Tree To Boot

Step 1

Latex is collected from the rubber tree, a sustainable resource (trees are not harmed during this process).

Step 2

Then it is processed and rolled out to remove excess water.

Step 3

Sheets are hung on lines to dry in the sun

Step 4

Dried sheets are stacked, compressed, and sent to factories.

Step 5

Latex sheets are dyed, then wrapped around a foot form known as a “last.”

Step 6

The end result: our beautiful boots!