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Artist Boots: Tiffany Ross

Your story, your creativity, and your mood is one-of-a-kind…and we want to help share it.

We’ve collaborated with creatives from all over the country to take a classic Chooka City Solid boot and turn it into a piece of art that’s unique to them.

This week's featured artist is Tiffany Ross

Tiffany Ross is a Seattle local and makeup artist. She has always had a passion for all things beautiful, but is especially drawn to glitz and glam. She recently launched her own business, Villabeautifful Planner Boutique, where she merged her love of beautiful things with her love for organization and planners. There, you can find creative planners and stickers which are both decorative and functional.

We loved how Tiffany transformed our City Solid rain boot into a incredible work of art with her use of metallic gold and shimmering flower pop-up pieces.

You can learn more about Tiffany and check out VillaBeautifful Planner Boutique by clicking here


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