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The sun is coming out and flowers are starting to bloom. This is a great time to get gardening, especially while practicing social distancing. You don't need a big yard to be a gardener. Indoor plants, a potted plant on a small deck, or refreshing a flower bed in the back yard. 

Chooka has new rain shoes that are great for gardening, the Madrona Step-Ins. These waterproof shoes are easy to clean and feature neoprene lining that's soft and comfortable. Even better is the cushion memory foam insole.

Chooka Buzz Bees Madrona Step In Rain Shoe for Urban Gardening

Gardening is instant gratification! A few flowers and pots really transform an area. It's an excuse to wear these cute Buzz Bee printed rain shoes. Besides gardening, these are great shoes to slip-on instead of rain boots. Take it from Amy W. who left this review: "Being a beekeeper, I naturally selected these cuties! Very comfortable and a good alternative to tall boots on rainy days."

Chooka Buzz Bees Madrona Step In Rain Shoe for Urban Gardening

If bumble bee prints aren't your thing, check out our navy blue rain shoes with a butterfly print, a jewel toned dark purple, or solid black.