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Glamping Essentials

If you enjoy spending time outdoors but consider camping more strenuous then relaxing, then glamping (glamorous camping) could be the summer activity for you. You should never sacrifice style for some outdoor fun, that’s why we created essentials for the perfect glamping trip. Now grab your girls, champagne, and portable speaker for your enhanced camping experience.


Adult Beverages

The ultimate glamping trip will have a fully stocked drink cooler, and the ability to make all the cocktails for your heart’s content. Here is a recipe for Cranberry Lime Cooler to share with your gal pals.

  • 1 cup tequila
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 2 cups soda water
  • Lime and cranberries for garnish


Blankets & Fabrics

If you truly want to experience outdoor luxury, then you must have comfortable bedding to ensure comfort all throughout your stay. This should include multiple blankets, soft pillows, and a blow-up mattress (if you can’t get your hands on a real one). If you decide to omit your sleeping bag and opt for a real bed, sleeping outside will never feel the same again.


Luxurious Meals

Forget soggy sandwiches and pre-made foil dinners, a glamping experience would not be complete without a lavish cheese board filled with an array of decadent treats. Remember when creating your cheese board to include various flavors and textures to fit everyone’s palate. For an enhanced version of the regular campfire smore, try banana smores! Just peel and slice a banana lengthwise and slightly open, insert a few marshmallows and chocolate in the banana, and wrap with foil. Cook for a few minutes until marshmallows are slightly toasted and enjoy!



There’s nothing like camping to make you feel connected to the outdoors, after all camping brings people back to nature. If you’re over catching up with the girls, or you just need get away from the party sure to bring a good book or magazine for some alone time.


Rain Boots

Camping in wet and muddy conditions can dampen your spirits, so brighten up your day with these cute rain boots. Chooka boots come in a wide array of funky patterns and colors which are super cute and practical. No matter what the day brings, we have boots to fit the wearers every mood. We love the unique style of women who wear our boots, and the variety of places their boots take them.

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