The world is in quarantine and after a few days (or hours) stuck inside there's a need for fresh air. Disconnect from your laptop or phone and get that vitamin D! With spring flowers blooming now is a great time to be an urban gardener. Plant some seeds that'll sprout this summer or plant a cute little flower to brighten each day.

Chooka black chelsea rain boots next to a dog

If you're a dog lover like us then taking your friend for a walk is a great excuse to get outside. Chooka rain boots or chelseas are great for walking the dog - easy to clean, memory foam insole, and classic styling. There's a boot for everyone so no need to sacrifice your style for functionality - Versa wide calf boots, chelsea city solid booties, mid-calf rain boots, tall rain boots, rain shoes, or our popular skimmers. Stay safe, take care of each other, and give your pup an extra squeeze.

Chooka chelsea boots worn while walking a dog

(photos provided by: @theneutralconcept)

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