We can feel the air getting colder... and you know what that means? Summer is coming to a close. But that doesn't mean it's over yet! We have your End of Summer Bucket List right here for you, so you can make the most out of the time that is left - all socially distanced activities of course. 

Road trip

End of Summer Bucket List Road Trip

Everyone's travel plans have been thrown to the side this year, but nobody said you can't go on a roadtrip! Every state, city and town has something to see and explore, so grab a friend, some snacks (essential) and a mask so you can get of town - and out of the house - for a while. Make sure you have plenty of gas and a good playlist. If you need some help, check out our Sole Music monthly playlists! 

Virtual wine tasting

End of Summer Bucket List Virtual Wine Tasting

Wine tasting? Virtually? Can it get any better?! Since most wineries are closed, some ship the wine to your door and schedule a live video call and/or on-demand video series to walk you through the notes, legs, and blends. Make it even more fun and invite and friend or two over to join you, just make sure to sit 6 feet apart. If one of them knows how to do that "fancy wine pour", have them stand in as bartender! Contact your favorite local winery to see what they are offering. 

Bonus: put out some cheese plates to go with the wine!

Drive in movie

End of Summer Bucketlist Drive In Movie

I know that all of us have been watching movies for the last 6+ months on our couch, but it makes it more of an event (maybe an excuse for a date) if you drive somewhere before you watch a movie. Grab some takeout, classic movie theater snacks, and lots of pillows and blankets. Look up the closest drive-in to see what they are showing, and make sure to grab your tickets asap! Don't forget to take some cute pics for the 'gram! 

Create virtual book club

End of Summer Bucketlist Virtual Book Club

If there has ever been the perfect time to catch up on your "to be read" list, 2020 is it! Take a break from scrolling through your phone and Netflix and spend some time with your favorite book-bound characters. One way to make it better is to join a community of people who also love to read! Make some friends and join an open virtual club or make your very own - if your club has a punny name, even better. 

Virtual 5K

End of Summer Bucketlist Virtual 5K

Now I know that we are not all runners, but for those of you who actually enjoy sweating and getting fit - this one is for you! If you've never heard of a virtual 5k, here's how it works: it is an organized race that can be ran or walked from any location (road, trail, treadmill, etc) at your own pace- some races even include prize money. No comparing yourself to other runners and you can still recruit your friends to cheer you on! 

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