Love is Love

With June being pride month, it's a great time to pause and celebrate love. Our Pride Collection this year is appropriately titled, Love is Love. The joy and benefits of love are the same, regardless of who you are or whom you love. Love has no expectations. It simply supports, nurtures, protects, and guides. 

Every day is a day for pride! A daily opportunity to proudly stand up and put your best foot forward for love and kindness. For chooka, pride isn't just June - pride is a cause for daily celebration. Inspired by and honoring the LGBTQIA+ community, we've created our first-ever chooka Pride Collection.

We are proud to share our on-going community commitment - Seattle's Lifelong. Located in the heart of Seattle's Capitol Hill, Lifelong Thrift is a nonprofit thrift store providing community engagement and financial support to Lifelong, enabling quality services and support for the Seattle LGBTQIA+ community. We are proud to support Lifelong via ongoing product donations to Lifelong Thrift. Our initial donation of 100 pairs (totaling $5,500) arrived on Lifelong Thrift's resale shelves March 2022. Each month, we provide a new donation for Lifelong Thrift to resale.

two people walking in the street on a rainbow painted flag in chooka boots

Shop chooka's waterproof boots, chelsea boots, and sneakers. Option to donate at checkout to Lifelong and we will match your donation.

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