Meet Your Designer: Alfredo Vergara

Q: How long have you been in the footwear industry?

A: I’ve been in the footwear industry for the last 13 years.  Actually, when I started, I had very little knowledge of footwear design and development. I was introduced to footwear by my sister who worked for a private company at the time.  I loved to sketch and draw so my sister suggested that I apply. I eventually got hired and started as a sketcher where I learned about the industry, and over the years have developed and nurtured my skills a footwear designer.

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Q: What is your favorite thing about designing footwear?

A: One of my favorite things about designing footwear is coming up with and sketching ideas. So many things have been done before so how can you bring something new and fresh. As a designer, you not only have to think about aesthetics, or how the consumer will feel about the product, you also have to be problem solver.  I find that I like to challenge myself in finding solutions.  I also enjoy that I get to help create a product that people wear, albeit for fashion, function or simply for necessity. People will always have a need for footwear.

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Q: How has designing for Chooka helped you grow as an artist?

A: Chooka is helping me grow as an artist because I get to work on a brand that challenges me. Chooka brand is known for fashion rubber boots, which is a new category for me. I’ve worked a lot on women’s footwear from dress, casual, sandals and boots, but never rain boots. As an artist, you always want to push your creativity to new heights and this brand gives me that opportunity. 

 meet your designer chooka shoe designer

Q: What makes Chooka footwear different than other shoes on the market?

A: Chooka footwear is different than other products in the market because we’re developing more than just rain boots. We’re bringing in fashion and lifestyle elements to offer something new and fresh to our customers. Its kind of a niche market really and I believe we can lead the way in this category. I’m excited to see the new direction Chooka is taking and I plan to bring some of that fashion and lifestyle element to the designs. 

 meet your designer chooka shoe designer

Q: What is your favorite Chooka style and why?

A: One of favorite Chooka styles is the Bellevue Rain Chelsea. I love the use of a sport bottom on a rain boot, feels modern and fun.  Such a cool concept and haven’t really seen anything like it in the market. The Damascus Chelsea is also a favorite with its lugged soles and street vibe. Both you can wear with confidence and style on these rainy Northwest days.

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