Hello ladies! How are we all doing? Staying sane, we hope? 

If you’re having trouble finding motivation during this time, choose to pamper yourself! Not much convincing needed to do that, huh? 😉 Pick a day that you are able to set time aside, or maybe take an hour each day to dedicate to yourself. In the craziness of it all, we need to make sure our minds, bodies, and souls are kept clear and taken care of. Here are some ideas of things you can do for you:

Self Care  

nail art designs

Nowadays, this is everything! If you’re quarantined by yourself, it’s easy to focus on everyone you’re missing and forget about you. If you’re with other people, maybe you need to find some alone time.

  • Practice your nail art. Pinterest is full of ideas that can help inspire you to be a true artist! Get better at the basics, or step out of your comfort zone and try some designs. Check out our Chooka Pinterest board to help get you started.
  • Cook/bake your favorite comfort food. If nothing else makes you feel better, we can always count on food. Have that recipe you’ve been wanting to try? Try it! Need the comfort of that “tried and true” recipe? Make it! And don’t feel guilty for it because…where is the fun in that? 

Get Organized  

cleaning out you closet

We know it doesn’t sound like the most fun thing in the world, but you know what they say, clean space is a clean mind… or something like that!  

  • Clean your closet. It’s time to stop watching everyone on social media do it, and start doing it yourself! Make multiple piles to keep, donate, and throw-away so you can stay organized throughout the process. This could also be a great time to store away your winter gear to make room for your spring/summer wardrobe.
  • Reorganize your kitchen. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Between your runs to the grocery store you can clean out all that expired food in the back of your fridge, toss out all of those different nut butters that you bought when you were feeling adventurous, and make sure all of those cereal boxes actually have cereal in them. When you’re all done with that, tackle your cupboards!  

*Pro tip: cleaning/organizing pairs well with a face mask (maybe not wet nails)  


Carla Marie wearing Chooka Duck Rain Boots going on a walk with her cat

Photo by: @thecarlamarie

We know that watching Netflix all day can be fun for a while, but your “post Tiger King binge legs” are begging to stretch, move and run! Here are a few things you can do to feel a bit better without going to the gym: 

  • At home workouts are all the rage right now. Without the gym machines and instructors it can be hard to find the motivation to workout, or even know where to start! Lucky for you, we have another Chooka Pinterest board to guide you. Scroll through this and find the one that draws your interest. If you’re going to do this regularly, make sure to take break days, so you don’t burn yourself out.  
  • Walk/run in your neighborhood to get a workout in addition to getting some fresh air. We know that everyone is telling you to get fresh air, but seriously, don’t take that for granted. It does wonders for your mind and gives you a change of scenery (bonus if you take your furry friend and wear a pair of Chooka rain boots 😊). Try listening to a podcast, taking the time to clear your head, or calling a friend that you’ve been wanting to catch up with. 

Mental Health

With everything else that’s going on, it can be easy to forget about our mental well-being. During these uncertain times, this is more important than ever. A few ideas to keep your sexiest body part in tip top shape:

  • Journaling is a tried and true stress reducer. Getting your thoughts and feelings on paper can give you the opportunity to identifying and crush negativity and get back to positive thinking
  • Yoga and/or meditation are excellent ways to help with a number of things: sleeping, anxiety, depression, and general mindfulness
  • Get a good workout in! (see above section 😊)
  • If you feel like you need to speak with a professional, remember that many therapists/counselors are available during this time via phone or video appointments. Seeking help does not make you weak person – it makes you a stronger person!

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