Grab your favorite Chooka sandals and head outside for some vitamin D. We've compiled a list of books to pack in your bag based on staff picks. If soaking in the sun is too idle for you, listen to the audio version while you work in the garden in a pair of our Madrona garden shoes.

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen 

James, a struggling street musician and recovering drug addict, is living hand to mouth in London. He barely collects enough money each day to feed himself, the last thing he needs is a pet to worry about. But when James comes across a hungry, dirty, and injured stray cat outside his apartment, he cannot resist helping the animal who he calls BobWhen Bob is healthy again, James attempts to send him on his way but the remarkably intelligent feline has other ideas! Immerse yourself in this heartwarming story about friendship, hope, and healing. 


The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser 

What does it really mean to practice self-love? Surely there is more to it than bubble baths and face masks. Shannon shares her personal journey overcoming burnout, depression, negative self-image, and self-sabotaging behavior, using 15 principals that helped guide her. If you want to change the outcome of your life, you must change your daily habits and perspective.  


American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson 
Marie Mitchell is an intelligence officer for the FBI during the Cold War. As a young black woman working in a male-dominated field, she is constantly overlooked for high-profile cases and left with paperwork. When she is offered a job to join a spy taskforce aimed at undermining revolutionary president, Thomas Sankara, she accepts even though she suspects she was only offered the position because of her appearance and not her talent. Over the year that Marie observes Thomas, everything she believes about what it means to be a good American is changed. 
Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid 

Daisy Jones is a rock and roll loving singer living in late-sixties Los Angeles. Sneaking into clubs and partying with rock stars is exciting but Daisy’s love for music is why she immerses herself in the lifestyle. It does not take long before people begin recognizing her voice. Soon after, she crosses paths with front man, Billy Dunne, of the up and coming band The Six. This page turner will take you through the rise and eventual collapse of the iconic rock group Daisy Jones & The Six.    


The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth 

After Saoirse is forced to move her mom into a care home due to early onset dementia, she gives up on the idea of happy endings. No happy endings mean a strict ‘no relationships’ rule but then Saoirse meets Ruby. Ruby finds a loophole in Saoirse’s rule and proposes a summer of fun does not need to develop into true love. But when summer comes to an end, neither are ready to end their montage. The Falling in Love Montage is an LGBTQ+ love story that is perfect to kickstart your 2020 Pride Month early! 

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