Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

Strike a pose in the sun and walk with those boots on! You belong here, and you look fabulous.

Chooka Chelsea Pride Boot - worn by @broxxzz and @victoriarouen

If you're walking out on the town this June looking for that rainbow, Chooka has some suggestions for you on how to celebrate Pride month. 

Does your city have a pride festival?

If not, you can join virtual events such as:
Portland's Pride Parade by registering with the zoom link or on the Pride Northwest YouTube Channel
Seattle Virtual Pride Events. Seattle Pride will also offer virtual forums tackling family buildingLGBTQ+ worker's rights, relationships and more.
Chooka Pride Slide Sandal Rainbow

Donate to LGBTQ+ Communities and Causes

These organizations are doing the hard work to fight for the equality that the LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for since the beginning. These organizations are constantly fighting to protect the vulnerable members of the LGBTQ+community, LGBTQ+ rights, and make more steps towards equality and visibility within and without the community. 

Gear Up for a month of Pride

We have the perfect thing, our Eastlake Pride Rainbow Chelsea Boots and Slides and you can find them here and here
Chooka Pride Slide Sandal RainbowChooka Eastlake Pride Rainbow Chelsea Boots

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